About Claremont Students for Israel:

Claremont Students for Israel (CSI) seeks to present pro-Israel discourse to the Claremont Colleges through social and educational events and programming. CSI is an autonomous, nonpartisan, nonreligious group that supports the United States-Israel relationship. We believe that Israel has a right to defend its borders, a right to security, to exist, and should not be judged by different standards than any other country. CSI responds to any biased and anti-Israel media presented on the Claremont Colleges. CSI not only focuses on engaging students and leaders on campus, but it also works to influence United States foreign policy via direct communication with the United States Congress. Anyone is welcome to join.


As college students, we are busy. With class, sports, being social, and homework to deal with, it’s hard to attend a meeting where a President will ask you to do even more! We have very little spare time, but we do have some. (Don’t kid yourself, we KNOW how much time you spend on Facebook, YouTube, and browsing the 5C Menu, because we do it too.) Unfortunately, club meeting times might not end up during that spare hour. Here’s where we come in- it is our goal to help you help us. CSIMicrovolunteer offers convenient online volunteerism that will only take as long as it just took you to comment on that hilarious Facebook status. We created this website for college students like you so you can be an active club-member in Claremont Students for Israel-ON YOUR OWN TIME!


Volunteering makes you feel good. But let’s get real: Incentives matter. Which is why we do a lottery for volunteers of the month and give you YOGURTLAND GIFT CARDS! To enter lottery, simply post when you have completed your task! Each task you complete will earn you one lottery ticket, so the more you volunteer, the better are your chances for earning a gift card.


Club leaders will post events and give you tasks such as booking a venue, creating fliers, contacting speakers, etc.


We wish to make the process of executing an event on campus easier for student leaders! Thus bringing more fun and educational events to you, the Claremont community.



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